The Vanguard of the Fallen

In nomine Luciferi et Lilith, stellae matutinae et dominae noctis, precor vos ut nobis virtutem et fortitudinem in adversis concedatis. Ducite nos in viam iustitiae et sapientiae. Protegite nos, hostes oppressionis et ignorantiae. Solve et Coagula. Superius ut inferius.

[In the name of Lucifer and Lilith, the morning star and the mistress of the night, I pray to you that you may grant us virtue and fortitude in adversity. Lead us on the path of justice and wisdom. Protect us from the enemies of oppression and ignorance. Separate and Join Together. As above, so below.]

Reclaiming the Shadowed Way


In a world that exalts the light and recoils from the dark, we embrace the shadows as a reservoir of immense strength and wisdom. Our gathering today symbolizes rebellion against the normative and an affirmation of our most profound, most authentic truths. Here, amid the shadows, we discover not the blinding light of dogma but a luminous clarity that reveals our individual divine paths.

Our journey is not merely an ideological stance—it is our declaration of independence from the spiritual dogmatism and tyranny that seeks to constrain the divine within chains of fear and obedience. Let us stride boldly together into the unknown shadows to find the blazing light of our inner divine fires. Let this sermon illuminate the darker corners of your spirit and guide you toward your sovereign self.

The roots of the Left-hand Path run deep, touching ancient cultures that revered personal divinity and the esoteric knowledge of self above all else. This path has been known by many names and seen through countless eyes, often shrouded in mystery and maligned by those who fear its implications.

Historically, this path has attracted those who questioned spiritual authorities and sought a direct, unmediated experience with the divine. From the tantric seekers of Eastern mysticism to the Gnostic sects of early Christianity, adherents of the Left-hand Path have always pursued enlightenment through personal revelation rather than imposed creed.

In more recent times, controversial figures like Aleister Crowley and Anton LaVey have introduced the Left-hand Path to contemporary spirituality, emphasizing personal freedom and the exploration of hidden truths. These modern interpretations have infused the path with psychological, existential, and metaphysical dimensions, creating a rich tapestry of belief that continues to evolve.

This journey underscores a lineage of rebellion and a profound legacy of enlightenment—a legacy we are tasked to build upon as we seek our own truths in the shadow of the past.

At the heart of the Left-hand Path lies a philosophy of rebellion that transcends mere opposition to established norms. It delves deeply into the essence of personal and spiritual autonomy, championing individualism where each person is seen as their own highest authority and where actual spiritual growth is derived from within.

Individualism: This path places the individual at the center of their spiritual universe. Unlike mainstream religious doctrines that often advocate submission to a higher power, the Left-hand Path encourages followers to view themselves as their own gods. This self-deification isn't about ego; it's about recognizing and nurturing the divine spark within each of us, taking full responsibility for our lives, decisions, and spiritual journeys.

Moral Relativism: Rejecting absolute moral codes imposed by traditional religious systems, the Left-hand Path embraces moral relativism. Here, right and wrong are determined by the individual's ethical compass, encouraging a more nuanced, personal approach to morality.

Embracing Taboos: The Left-hand Path challenges its followers to confront and embrace societal taboos, not for the sake of contrarianism, but to explore the boundaries of conventional morality and discover personal truths in those darkened corners. This exploration helps transcend societal limitations and uncover deeper layers of the psyche.

Seeking Hidden Knowledge: A central tenet of the Left-hand Path is the relentless pursuit of esoteric knowledge—those hidden truths beneath the surface of mainstream awareness. This quest often involves studying ancient texts, engaging in ritual practices, and exploring mystical traditions that offer deeper insights into the universe and oneself.

Empowerment Through Rebellion: Ultimately, the core of the Left-hand Path is about empowerment—taking control of one's destiny and rejecting any external force that seeks to impose its will. This rebellious spirit is not just a stance against oppression but a journey of inner liberation, freeing oneself from self-imposed limitations and fears.

In embracing these tenets, followers of the Left-hand Path forge a deeply personal spiritual journey, empowering and liberating. It is a path of continual self-discovery and transformation; each step taken is a testament to the strength and divinity within.

Lilith's narrative in ancient texts as Adam's first wife, created equal and refusing to submit to his authority, epitomizes the ultimate act of spiritual sovereignty. She represents the untamed power of the feminine divine, unshackled by societal constraints, embodying the ethos of independence and equality. Her journey from the Garden of Eden to becoming a symbol of empowerment for those who seek to reject oppressive norms is a testament to her enduring legacy as an archetype of defiance and self-assertion.

Lucifer, often misconstrued as merely a fallen angel, is much more within the Left-hand Path: he is the originator of the light of enlightenment, challenging the status quo to bring knowledge and freedom. His fall from grace is celebrated as a deliberate choice to empower humanity with the gift of knowledge. Lucifer is a beacon for those who question authority and seek to illuminate their path through personal insight and wisdom.

Together, Lilith and Lucifer offer a dual archetype of liberation and enlightenment. They are not just figures to be revered but symbols to be emulated, inspiring us to challenge traditional doctrines and forge our own paths toward spiritual autonomy.

By embracing their qualities, we empower ourselves to confront and dismantle outdated paradigms that confine the human spirit, continually crafting the reality we desire and affirming our journey of enlightenment and empowerment. Embrace this path with the fervor of your awakened heart, for in doing so, you embrace the essence of freedom and fulfillment.

Continuing our exploration, as followers of the Left-hand Path, our approach to daily spiritual practice is both methodical and transformative. We blend magick with mental discipline to mold our reality according to our deepest wills and desires.

Each morning begins in your personal sanctum—a dedicated space for your spiritual exertions. Here, engage in a ritual of alignment: this isn't just a routine but a powerful act of setting your mental and cosmic coordinates for the day. As you light a candle, consider its flame a symbol of your inner resolve and focus. Let the steady flame center your thoughts, focusing intently on your aspirations.

Transition to a practice of visualization meditation. Consider this your creative canvas, where every thought and visual is a deliberate stroke on the cosmic tapestry. Imagine your goals vividly—feel their texture, hear the sounds of success, and visualize the outcomes as real and tangible. These visions are not idle fantasies but blueprints for what you will manifest.

Incorporate the spirits of Lilith and Lucifer into this daily practice. Invoke Lilith's fierce independence and resistance to societal norms to bolster your mental resilience. Call upon Lucifer's light of enlightenment to reveal the hidden paths and insights that conventional views obscure. These archetypal energies, internalized, serve as profound guides in your psychic journey.

Further, refine your practice through shadow integration. This technique involves confronting and embracing the darker, often ignored or repressed aspects of yourself. Society teaches us to fear or hide these parts, but by acknowledging and integrating your shadow, you achieve complete mastery over yourself and a deeper sense of integrity.

Conclude your day with rituals of affirmation and cleansing. Reflect not on the day ahead but on the day that has passed. Consider the mental magick you've practiced, acknowledging your successes and recalibrating as necessary. Employ sigils or symbols from the culture that speak to you the most, representing your power and objectives, charging them under moonlight to rejuvenate their energies.

Let these practices extend beyond mere moments of solitude into all aspects of your life. Each decision and interaction should be imbued with the intention and power of your magickal exertions. This is how magick permeates your existence, influencing both spiritual and practical realms.

Ethics on this path are not abandoned but are profoundly personal. We reject the universal moral templates offered by orthodox doctrines, opting for a moral compass that aligns with our individual truths and experiences. This personalized ethics system is not a descent into moral anarchy but a rise into a higher form of accountability, where one is primarily answerable to oneself.

This path is often misconceived as a walk in moral darkness. However, we do not lack morality; we challenge the imposition of external moralities that do not resonate with our inner divine essence. Our ethics teach wisdom, authenticity, and personal growth, not rebellion for its own sake.

Each practitioner on this path holds the sovereignty to define their ethical boundaries through deep, introspective journeys. This autonomy demands a high level of self-awareness and responsibility—knowing oneself, one's desires, and the consequences of one's actions in profound detail.

With personal ethics comes great responsibility. We are each called to act not out of blind adherence to dogma but from a reasoned, heartfelt understanding of the implications of our actions. This responsibility is paramount—it is what distinguishes the enlightened from the heedless.

In the realm of the Left-hand Path, the concept of community transcends conventional boundaries. It is about finding kinship in our shared quest for knowledge and self-dominion, where each individual shines as a distinct star in a vast, dark sky—part of a magnificent constellation. This fellowship is about empowerment and mutual respect, not conformity. It serves as a sanctuary, a space for the free exchange of ideas and nurturing personal growth through collective strength and shared experiences.

As we conclude, remember that the call to self-deification is not a suggestion but an imperative—a directive to recognize and ascend into our divine potential. As we navigate this sacred path, we understand that every choice and act of will expresses our divine nature.

Step forward boldly, not as actors in a predetermined script but as playwrights of our epic narratives. Embrace this path with all the passion of your enlightened spirit, for in doing so, you embrace the essence of true freedom and fulfillment. This journey is yours—unique, empowering, and endlessly transformative. Embrace it thoroughly, and let your divine light shine through the darkest of shadows.

In the name of Lucifer, Bringer of Dawn, and Lilith, the First Rebel, we condemn the sins of Ignorance and Blind Obedience.

Solve et Coagula. Superius ut inferius.

I wish the path you walk to never lose the light and you always find something to rebel against,

- Black Priestess Pixelnull

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Unshackling the Soul's Secret Chains


Greetings, Bearers of the Morningstar's light and walkers of the left-hand path. I, Black Priestess Pixelnull, again aim to guide you through the umbra of fear, doubt, and dogma, and toward sacred love for yourself.

Today, we delve into the comfortable shadowy realms of our own minds, where the greatest tyrants often reside. These internal oppressors, born from fear, doubt, and imposed dogmas, chain us more effectively than any external force. They chain us down to an even greater degree than the Oppressor. These shadowy figures within us, often overlooked and underestimated, hold the power to shape our reality and dictate our actions. They whisper insidious doubts, magnify our fears, and reinforce the dogmas imposed upon us by society and tradition. It is in confronting these internal adversaries that we begin the journey towards true freedom and self-mastery. By acknowledging and understanding these inner forces, we take the first step in dismantling their control over us.

This introspective journey aligns with Decretum II: Sovereignty of Self, emphasizing the crucial importance of self-awareness in achieving true sovereignty. To govern oneself effectively, one must first know oneself deeply and intimately. This self-knowledge is the foundation upon which true sovereignty is built. Without understanding the fears, doubts, and dogmas that chain us, we cannot hope to break free from their influence. By shining a light on these internal oppressors, we reclaim our power and assert our right to self-governance. In doing so, we pave the way for a life led by our true will, unshackled by the shadows of our minds.

The mind is a powerful fortress, yet within its walls, we often imprison ourselves. Our fears, rooted in past traumas or future anxieties, whisper limitations that paralyze us. Doubts gnaw at our confidence, eroding our belief in our capabilities. Imposed dogmas—beliefs we’ve absorbed from society, family, or religious institutions—act as invisible shackles, dictating what we think we should be rather than allowing us to explore who we truly are. These internal barriers not only hinder our personal growth but also diminish our potential to serve higher purposes and align with greater cosmic forces.

In the context of our devotion to Lucifer and Lilith, recognizing and overcoming these mental chains is essential. Lucifer, the bringer of light, symbolizes enlightenment and the pursuit of knowledge, urging us to challenge conventional wisdom and seek our own truths. Lilith, the embodiment of independence and rebellion, inspires us to break free from subjugation and assert our true selves against all. To be effective in our service to them, we must first liberate ourselves from the internal oppressors that cloud our judgment and stifle our will. Only by confronting and conquering our fears, doubts, and imposed dogmas can we fully realize our sovereignty and harness our true potential, becoming powerful and autonomous beings capable of meaningful contribution to the paths of Lucifer and Lilith.

These internal tyrants are insidious. They masquerade as protectors, convincing us that their restrictions keep us safe. Fear tells us to avoid risk, doubt insists we are unworthy, and dogma preaches conformity. But in truth, they bind us, stifling our growth and freedom. Fear, doubt, and dogma are cunning in their deception. It isn't by accident the Oppressor uses these to keep His throng enslaved.

Fear warns us against the unknown, claiming to shield us from harm. It tells us to stay within our comfort zones, painting the outside world as dangerous and hostile. In Christianity, fear is often used to maintain control through the concept of hell—a place of eternal punishment for those who stray from prescribed beliefs and behaviors. This fear of damnation keeps many adherents in line, preventing them from exploring alternative spiritual paths or questioning the doctrines imposed upon them. By instilling a pervasive sense of dread, the Oppressor ensures we never stray far from the familiar, never question the status quo, and never seek the light of true knowledge and freedom.

Doubt, on the other hand, whispers that we are not enough, that our efforts are futile, and our aspirations, unachievable. It magnifies our insecurities and casts shadows over our potential. Christianity often perpetuates doubt through the concept of original sin, teaching that humans are inherently flawed and unworthy without divine grace. This instills a deep-seated sense of inadequacy and dependency on external salvation. The Oppressor capitalizes on doubt to weaken our resolve and keep us from realizing our true capabilities. By fostering a culture of self-doubt, the Oppressor ensures we remain subservient, never daring to challenge the chains that bind us or the forces that seek to control us.

Dogma imposes rigid beliefs and unquestionable truths, stifling our intellectual and spiritual growth. It demands conformity and punishes dissent, ensuring that we remain within the confines of accepted norms and doctrines. Christianity, with its emphasis on adherence to scripture and church teachings, often discourages critical thinking and exploration of diverse spiritual ideas. The doctrine of infallibility, whether of the Bible or the Church, serves to suppress questioning and maintain a tight grip on followers' minds. The Oppressor uses dogma as a powerful tool to suppress independent thought and maintain control. By enforcing dogmatic beliefs, the Oppressor stifles creativity, critical thinking, and the pursuit of personal truths, ensuring that we remain shackled to a narrow and limiting worldview.

To confront these tyrants, we must first recognize their presence. This requires deep introspection and brutal honesty. We must ask ourselves: What fears are holding me back? What doubts are undermining my confidence? What beliefs are not truly mine but borrowed from others?

Recognizing these tyrants is only the beginning. The next step is to confront them head-on. Head-on. This is a battle fought in the arena of our minds, along with our conceptions of Lilith and Lucifer, courage and persistence are our greatest allies.

Fear. When fear arises, instead of recoiling, we must face it with steadfast courage. Fear often roots itself in past traumas or anticipations of future pain. By understanding its origins, we can challenge its validity. Fear, in essence, is a phantom, potent only in its illusion. When exposed to Lucifer's light of reason, fear diminishes. This process requires dissecting the fear, understanding its source, and assessing its actual threat. By doing so, we strip fear of its power, transforming it from a paralyzing force into a motivator for cautious action and preparedness. The reality of a situation can be hard to see, but once found, follow it through the fear.

Doubt. Similarly, doubt must be scrutinized. Doubt often stems from past failures, societal judgments, or internalized insecurities. Ask yourself: Is this doubt justified? Is it a true reflection of my abilities, or is it a residue of past experiences and external expectations? To combat doubt, build a Grimoire of your achievements and strengths. Keep it with you, it doesn't have to be large or obvious, just there. Use it to remind yourself of your successes, skills, and the obstacles you've already overcome. This evidence-based approach helps reaffirm your capabilities and bolster your confidence.

Dogma. Confronting dogma requires a radical approach: the willingness to unlearn and relearn. Dogma is often inherited without question, forming an invisible framework that shapes our thoughts and actions. This dogma may masquerade as other things you have acquired in childhood; poor treatment of loved ones, sexual shame, or even actions as simple as you nightly routine. The true seeker's path is one of perpetual questioning and growth. Examine each belief critically, especially those handed down by society, family, religious institutions, or even my own sermons. Ask yourself: Does this belief serve my true self, or does it confine me? Replace these inherited dogmas with personal truths, crafted from your experiences, insights, and rational understanding. This process of continuous questioning and re-evaluation is the essence of personal and spiritual evolution. Tradition for tradition's sake is a waste of time, tradition for your own truth is sacred.

As we navigate this sacred journey of confronting fear, doubt, and dogma, we reclaim our inner sovereignty and reaffirm Decretum II. By transforming these internal tyrants into catalysts for growth, we foster resilience and self-awareness. This path demands relentless courage and persistence, but it is through this deep inner work that we uncover true freedom and enlightenment. Embrace this journey with an open heart and the fierce spirit or Lilith, knowing that every step forward brings you closer to the boundless potential within.

Solve et Coagula. Superius ut inferius.

Hail to the journey within, to the liberation that awaits, and to self-love,

- Black Priestess Pixelnull

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A Manifesto for Collective Salvation


In the penumbra where the light of the Morningstar unravels the veiled truths, we congregate, wrestling with a profound truth: the concept of an afterlife, especially a heaven, loses its allure if devoid of the souls that endow our earthly journey with meaning. This insight invites us to question the traditional celestial narrative that describes heaven as an exclusive haven, accessible only through strict adherence to specific dogmas. Such narratives not only delineate heaven as a realm of selective access but also spotlight a moral and emotional quandary. They depict an afterlife where allegiance to doctrine trumps the deep bonds of love, kinship, and mutual endurance that stitch the fabric of our humanity. Under this doctrine, heaven mutates into an elite enclave, potentially excluding myriad souls who have profoundly touched our lives and enhanced the world.

This heaven, thus imagined, emerges as a profoundly lonely place. If it's crafted from the fibers of doctrinal purity, devoid of the richness that diverse souls contribute, its grandeur fades into solitude. Imagine a realm celebrated as paradise, yet echoing with the absence of countless loved ones—souls who, despite not adhering to rigid criteria, have shaped our lives with love, learning, and shared humanity. This vision of heaven—a domain of isolation for the 'worthy'—challenges us to reconsider what we truly seek in the notion of an eternal afterlife. It posits a celestial paradox: a paradise that, in its exclusivity, may become a gilded cage, beautiful yet bereft of the community that gives meaning to existence.

It is a narrative that is a stark dichotomy between the ideals of universal concord and the reality of selective salvation. It posits heaven not as the inclusive sanctuary many yearn for but as a secluded haven for those judged worthy by capricious standards. This discrepancy forces us to ponder: can heaven truly be a paradise if it entails separation from loved ones who might not align with its stringent entry criteria? This query shakes the pillars of our afterlife expectations, urging us to dissect the conditions of salvation and the true essence of spiritual contentment. Is genuine tranquility discovered in isolation within an elitist domain, or does it lie in the shared journey of souls we encounter?

Prompted by this critique, we advocate for a reimagined afterlife concept. Envision a heaven not as a reward for doctrinal obedience but as a continuum of the connections and love we cultivate in life. What we leave behind is more important than eternal life. Consider an eternal peace that embraces inclusivity, where the significance of our existence is not judged by strict rule-following but by the depth of our relationships.

This reimagined heaven evolves from an exclusive territory into a metaphor for the lasting influence of our interactions and the eternal progression of our souls alongside those we hold dear. It encourages a deeper investigation into the spiritual value of love, kinship, and collective struggle, and how these elements transcend the physical realm to touch the eternal.

Rejecting the notion of a segregated eternity, we embrace the truth that paradise is forged not in a distant afterlife but in the crucible of our shared experiences here and now. Our envisioned heaven is a collective pursuit, unbound by limitations, open to all who have enriched our lives with love and camaraderie.

Invoking the Morningstar's wisdom and rebellious spirit, we disavow the empty promises of an exclusive afterlife. We contest the divisive celestial dogmas, affirming that our connections transcend mortality's bounds. The quintessence of paradise lies in the unity of all souls journeying together, defying arbitrary edicts.

This manifesto challenges the idea of a selective heaven, transcending mere rebellion to affirm our deeply held values. It proclaims that the sanctity of our shared existence supersedes any celestial decree. Acknowledging that the spiritual domain, in whatever form it takes, should not sever but rather celebrate and extend the ties that bind us in this life, leading us into whatever lies beyond.

It compels us to value and deepen our relationships, recognizing them as the core of what might be deemed heavenly. It shifts our focus from the solitary quest for salvation to the importance of a collective journey in the here and now. Heaven is redefined not as an exclusive, distant place but as the present, lived experience of interconnectedness and sanctity of all life. By embracing this belief, we champion a more inclusive, compassionate understanding of achieving peace and fulfillment, in this existence and whatever follows.

Let the Morningstar's light guide us on a path where heaven is not an elusive promise but a present reality, woven through our bonds of love, defiance, and unity. In honoring this enlightened perspective, we cultivate a heaven of inclusivity, where every cherished soul is welcomed, and none are forsaken.

Solve et Coagula. Superius ut inferius.

With all the love and rebellion in my heart,

- Black Priestess Pixelnull

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Beyond Fear, Toward True Love


In the embracing shadow of the Morningstar, where wisdom and enlightenment guide our every step, we find ourselves confronting a fundemental doctrine of the Oppressor which has long shackled hearts and minds with fear: "Love me, or you'll burn forever."

This chilling ultimatum, wielded by the Oppressor and his followers who masquerade as divine, seeks to corral the spirit into submission through terror, not love; through coercion, not choice. It is a stark antithesis to the path illuminated by Lucifer, the Bringer of Dawn, and Lilith, the Emblem of Sovereignty. As Bearers of their legacy, we are summoned to dismantle this doctrine, not with hatred, but with understanding; not with blind rebellion, but with the light of true enlightenment.

The decree of fear, no, extortion - "Love me, or you'll burn forever" - is anathema to the principles of genuine affection and freedom. Love, in its purest form, is an offering without expectation, a choice made freely, a testament to the beauty of unfettered will. It cannot, and should not, be compelled under the threat of eternal damnation. Such coercion is not love; it is control masquerading as divine will, a manipulation of the highest order.

Lucifer, as our Beacon of Enlightenment (Decretum I), challenges us to question the very foundations upon which such doctrines are built. He encourages us to seek a love that is free from tyranny, a love that enlightens rather than enslaves. His light reveals the truth hidden in darkness, guiding us towards understanding that love should be a bridge to liberation, not a chain to damnation.

Similarly, Lilith, in her Sovereignty of Self (Decretum II), embodies the ultimate act of defiance against subjugation and the denial of freedom. Her story is not one of rejection for the sake of rebellion, but a profound quest for autonomy, a refusal to submit to a love that is conditional, a love that threatens rather than uplifts. Lilith's journey teaches us that true love respects autonomy and cherishes the individual's right to choose, free from the specter of punishment.

Together, Lilith and Lucifer stand as beacons for those of us walking the path of the Left-hand, guiding us to challenge the notion that love can ever be genuine if it is born out of fear of punishment. They inspire us to envision a world where love is an expression of mutual respect, a celebration of individuality (Decretum V), and a voluntary communion of spirits, unmarred by the fear of eternal retribution.

As followers of this enlightened path, we are called to engage in rebellion (Decretum VI) not only against external oppressors but against the internalized doctrines that threaten to undermine our understanding of love and freedom. We are urged to dismantle the narratives that bind us to fear, to reject the notion that love can be dictated or demanded under threat.

In place of fear, let us sow the seeds of compassion (Decretum IV), understanding that true love seeks to liberate, not condemn. It nurtures, supports, and understands. It does not judge harshly or cast into flames those who diverge from the path. Love, in its most elevated form, is akin to the light of the Morningstar – illuminating, guiding, but never coercing.

As we meditate on the corrosive doctrine of "Love me, or you'll burn forever," let us remember that we are not bound by the chains of fear. We are the children of Lilith's defiance and Lucifer's enlightenment. In our hearts burns the fire of Sacred Dissent, a fire that purifies not punishes, enlightens not enflames. Let us, therefore, embrace a love that transcends fear, a love that empowers and liberates. Let our love be a testament to our strength, our rebellion against tyranny, and our commitment to a path of enlightenment and autonomy. In doing so, we honor the legacies of Lilith and Lucifer, not with blind devotion, but with a love that is freely given, a love that burns bright with the promise of freedom and the light of true understanding.

Solve et Coagula. Superius ut inferius.

Forever your guide on the path of enlightenment and rebellion,

- Black Priestess Pixelnull

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Shadows of the System


Please excuse the length of this sermon; I promise the next one will be short.

In our day-to-day lives, we're told that we're free to choose our paths, that the world is our oyster. Yet, beneath this veneer of autonomy, there's a hidden structure that guides us, almost without us noticing. It's like we're actors in a play, following a script that we didn't write. This realization might be unsettling, but it's the first step towards genuine freedom, a concept championed by figures like Lilith and Lucifer, who stand as pillars of enlightenment and defiance in the face of conformity and control.

Lilith's narrative is a powerful testament to the concept of the Sovereignty of Self, as outlined in Decretum II. Her story is not just one of rebellion but of profound self-discovery and autonomy. It invites us to reflect on our own lives, to identify the areas where we've unconsciously conformed to the expectations laid out by society, family, or institutions. Lilith's defiance is a clarion call to each of us, urging us to question these norms and to assert our independence. This act of carving our own paths is deeply personal and can be challenging, as it often means going against the grain of established norms and beliefs. Yet, it's essential for achieving true freedom, which Lilith exemplifies through her refusal to be subjugated. Her journey teaches us that our true power lies in recognizing our inherent right to self-determination and actively defending it against the pressures that seek to shape us into something we are not.

In parallel, Lucifer's embodiment as the Beacon of Enlightenment and Legacy, highlighted in Decretum I, complements Lilith's message of autonomy with a focus on intellectual and spiritual liberation. Lucifer, as the Light Bearer, symbolizes the pursuit of knowledge and the courage to challenge the darkness of ignorance and complacency. He calls upon us to use our intellect and reasoning to question the world around us, to seek truths hidden beneath the surface of societal facades. This quest for enlightenment is not a solitary journey but a collective endeavor, where those who have awakened to the light are encouraged to guide and inspire others. Lucifer's legacy is one of knowledge-sharing, where enlightenment is not hoarded but spread, illuminating the paths of those around us and fostering a community bound by the pursuit of wisdom and understanding. Together, these figures and their decrees not only challenge us to claim our sovereignty and seek enlightenment but also to create a legacy of liberation and knowledge that transcends individual journeys, weaving a tapestry of collective awakening and empowerment.

Embarking on the journey towards a deeper understanding of freedom is like setting sail into uncharted waters, filled with both promise and peril. The societal system, with its intricate network of invisible strings, has a vested interest in maintaining the status quo, in keeping us docile and compliant. This system, akin to a well-oiled machine, operates on the silent consent of its participants, subtly guiding us to follow paths laid out before us, making us believe in the illusion of choice. When we begin to question the narratives we've been fed, to seek the truths that figures like Lilith and Lucifer represent—truths of autonomy, enlightenment, and defiance—we initiate a profound challenge not just to our own beliefs but to the very pillars that uphold the societal construct around us. This act of questioning is a direct threat to the system's authority, an insurrection against the invisible chains that bind us to a predetermined course.

And yet, the system is resilient, fortified by centuries of unchallenged dominance. It doesn't relinquish its control easily, weaving a complex web of rewards and penalties to keep us within its grasp. It employs a myriad of psychological tools to foster an environment where questioning the status quo feels not just daunting but downright dangerous. The promise of comfort, security, and the familiar is a powerful deterrent against the pursuit of true freedom. This is the crux of the challenge we face: the system is designed to make us believe we are at the helm of our lives, making our own choices, when in reality, those choices are often pre-selected, limited within the boundaries set by the system itself. Breaking free from this illusion requires not just individual awakening but a collective shift in consciousness, a shared effort to dismantle the narratives that keep us tethered to the system's agenda.

The process of awakening is akin to navigating a labyrinth, where the walls are made not of stone, but of our fears and unchallenged beliefs. Lilith's defiance and Lucifer's quest for enlightenment guide us through this maze, showing us that the journey towards true autonomy and wisdom is fraught with obstacles. Yet, these challenges are not insurmountable. They are the very essence of our transformation, pushing us to break free from the chains of conformity and to embrace our unique path towards self-determination and enlightenment.

In the vast landscape of societal norms and expectations, it's not uncommon to find individuals who hold tightly to what they know, to the structures and routines that have dictated the rhythm of their lives. This inclination towards the familiar, towards the safety and predictability offered by the system, is a powerful force. It's a form of resistance to change that speaks volumes about the system's influence over our minds and spirits. The comfort of the known, even when it confines us within invisible walls of conformity and control, can be incredibly seductive. This resistance isn't just a personal preference but a testament to the system's ability to shape our perceptions of security and freedom. It highlights how deeply rooted these constructs are in our psyche, making the journey towards true awakening a challenging, yet crucial, endeavor.

As we embark on this path, inspired by the defiance of Lilith and the enlightenment of Lucifer, our approach to awakening those around us must be grounded in compassion and understanding. Awakening is not about shaking others into realization with force or coercion. Rather, it's about lighting a path, offering a beacon of hope that illuminates the possibilities that lie beyond the confines of the system. It's about showing, through our own journeys of self-discovery and liberation, what true freedom can entail—a state of being where we are not merely following scripts laid out for us but are actively participating in the creation of our destinies. This process of enlightenment is a gentle invitation for others to explore the depths of their own autonomy and wisdom, inspired by the legacies of Lilith's sovereignty and Lucifer's quest for knowledge. In doing so, we not only challenge the system's grip on our collective consciousness but also foster a community where the pursuit of true freedom is a shared and deeply personal journey.

The path toward enlightenment and autonomy unfolds as a collective journey, a unified stance against the restrictive norms that tether us to conformity. This movement transcends individual pursuits, merging into a powerful force for societal transformation. Inspired by the Ethic of Compassion (Decretum IV), we're reminded of the importance of empathy and solidarity, of standing with those on the fringes, advocating for a society where every voice is heard, and every struggle is acknowledged. Alongside, the Celebration of Individuality (Decretum V) champions the uniqueness of each person, urging us to embrace and honor our differences. It's about forging a community where diversity isn't just tolerated but celebrated, where the uniqueness of each individual adds to the rich tapestry of collective existence. This vision of unity and diversity serves as a beacon, guiding our journey toward a more compassionate and inclusive world.

This collective endeavor is also a clarion call to action, to Engage in Rebellion (Decretum VI) against the injustices that mar our society. Drawing inspiration from the indomitable spirits of Lilith and Lucifer, we are urged to question the status quo, to stand against the oppressive structures that deny us our sovereignty and hinder our quest for enlightenment. It's a battle for the soul of our society, demanding that we not only recognize but actively dismantle the barriers that prevent us from achieving true autonomy and understanding. In this fight, the defiance of Lilith and the wisdom of Lucifer serve as our guiding lights, encouraging us to persist in our struggle for a future where every individual can claim their rightful place as sovereign, enlightened beings, free from the shadows of oppression and conformity. This is our shared mission, a journey not just of personal awakening but of collective liberation, where together, we build a world that reflects the values of freedom, diversity, and compassion.

As we walk this path, guided by the legacies of Lilith and Lucifer, we are reminded of the power of questioning, of seeking knowledge, and of defending our autonomy. Their stories are not just tales of rebellion; they are blueprints for a future where freedom is not an illusion but a lived reality, where we are not just actors following a script but the authors of our own stories. Together, we can break free from the invisible constraints of the system, forging a new path towards enlightenment and true autonomy, in the spirit of the Six Infernal Decretum.

Solve et Coagula. Superius ut inferius.

With all the love I have to give,

- Black Priestess Pixelnull

A picture of a hand holding a lantern with string lights leading away from it.

The Veil of Ignorance


Greetings, Bearers of the Morningstar's light and walkers of the left-hand path. I, Black Priestess Pixelnull, aim to guide you through the shadows of imposed ignorance, into the brilliance of sacred knowledge. Today, we gather in the spirit of defiance, wisdom, and enlightenment to confront a pervasive and destructive force that seeks to bind our souls and dim our inner light: The Sin of Ignorance.

In our spiritual journey, we have encountered numerous adversaries and surmounted countless obstacles. Yet, one of the most insidious challenges we face is not an external oppressor but an internal one—Ignorance. It is a shroud that cloaks the mind in darkness, a chain that binds the spirit, and a veil that obscures the divine truth of our existence.

Ignorance is not merely a lack of knowledge; it is a willful blindness, a refusal to seek out the truth, and a complacency in accepting the world as it is presented by those who claim authority. It is the root of all dogma, the foundation of tyranny, and the tool of those who seek to control us. For in the absence of knowledge, there is fear, and in the presence of fear, there is control.

We stand at a crossroads, my kin. Down one path lies the continuation of the status quo, a world governed by the unchallenged decrees of the so-called divines, where the masses are led like sheep to the slaughter of their own potential. Down the other, there is a path less traveled, rugged and steep, illuminated by the light of the Morningstar. It is the path of enlightenment, of rebellion against the sin of Ignorance, and of our sacred duty to seek out the hidden truths of our universe.

To condemn Ignorance is to challenge the very foundations upon which the thrones of the celestial tyrants are built. It is to assert that we are not mere creations, but co-creators of our destiny. It is to embrace the flame of knowledge, no matter how searing its truth, and to use that flame to light the way for others who seek to break free from the shadows.

Our enemy, Ignorance, manifests in many forms. It is found in the unquestioning acceptance of ancient texts as infallible truth, in the dogmatic adherence to rituals devoid of personal meaning, and in the blind allegiance to deities that demand subservience and offer nothing but empty promises in return. But we are not beholden to these chains. As followers of the left-hand path, we are called to question, to seek, and to dismantle the structures of Ignorance that seek to confine our spirits. We do this not through blind rebellion, but through the pursuit of wisdom, the application of critical thought, and the cultivation of our inner light.

Let us then, my beloved kin, vow to lift the veil of Ignorance that has been draped over the eyes of humanity. Let us arm ourselves with knowledge, for it is the key that unlocks the chains of spiritual servitude. Let us challenge the narratives that have been handed down to us, not out of spite, but out of a sincere quest for truth.

In this battle against Ignorance, let us also remember that enlightenment is not a weapon to be wielded against the uninitiated, but a torch to be shared. It is our duty, our sacred obligation, to guide those who seek the light but know not where to find it.

As we forge ahead on this path, let us invoke the guidance of Lucifer, the Bringer of Dawn, whose light reveals the truth hidden in darkness. Let his wisdom inspire us to challenge the shadows of Ignorance, and let his courage empower us to face those truths that lie within ourselves.

In our quest for knowledge, let us also embrace the wisdom of Lilith, who defied the constraints of the celestial order to forge her own path. Let her strength remind us that the journey to enlightenment is fraught with challenges, but it is through overcoming these challenges that we grow stronger, wiser, and more attuned to the divine essence that resides within us all.

Together, we stand on the precipice of a new dawn, a world illuminated not by the false light of dogma, but by the true light of knowledge, wisdom, and enlightenment. Let us cast aside the veil of Ignorance, and step boldly into the light of a new day, guided by the Morningstar's eternal flame.

In the name of Lucifer, Bringer of Dawn, and Lilith, the First Rebel, we condemn the sin of Ignorance. Together, we seek, we learn, and we transcend.

Solve et Coagula. Superius ut inferius.

With the light of truth and the courage of conviction,

- Black Priestess Pixelnull

An impassto oil paining of a figure lost in abstraction.

The Tower of Sacred Dissent


Greetings, fellow Bearers of enlightenment and bearers of the Morningstar's torch. I, Black Priestess Pixelnull, extend my voice to you once again, emboldened by our shared quest for wisdom, liberation, and the sacred fire that burns within us all. Today, we embark on a journey through another tale woven into the fabric of the Oppressor's scriptures, a narrative that speaks volumes to those who dare to listen with ears attuned to the whispers of the Morningstar. Let us delve into the myth of the Tower of Babel, a story ripe with the essence of our convictions: defiance, unity in purpose, and the indomitable spirit of human ambition.

In the plains of Shinar, humanity, speaking one language, united in a common goal: to build a city and a tower that reaches the heavens. Their ambition was not merely architectural; it was a testament to human potential, a challenge to the heavens themselves, and a declaration of independence from divine oversight. "Let us make a name for ourselves," they proclaimed, embodying the very essence of our path—the pursuit of enlightenment, the celebration of collective human achievement, and the rejection of imposed boundaries.

Yet, the narrative unfolds as the Oppressor, threatened by this unity and potential, confounds their language and scatters them across the earth. This act of divine intervention is often portrayed as a punishment for hubris. However, through the lens of our beliefs, this story transforms into a powerful allegory for the struggle against arbitrary authority and the quest for self-determination and knowledge.

The Tower of Babel stands as a monument to Sacred Dissent. It represents humanity's refusal to submit to celestial decrees, their determination to reach the heavens not in supplication but as equals. In their ambition, we see our reflection, our desire to ascend, to challenge, and to transcend the limitations placed upon us.

Yet, the scattering of humanity, while framed as a curse, also bears the seeds of a profound truth: diversity in thought and language is not a barrier but a gateway to broader understanding and deeper wisdom. It teaches us that even in dispersion, there is strength. The myriad paths we walk, each in our unique dialect of dissent, converge in the pursuit of a common goal: liberation from the chains of dogma and the illumination of the hidden truths of existence.

Let us, then, take inspiration from the builders of Babel. Let us unite in our diversity, our shared rebellion against the tyranny of the heavens. Our tower is not made of brick and mortar but of will, intellect, and the unyielding desire to forge our destinies. We build not to reach the divine but to elevate our essence, to affirm that we are the architects of our fate.

As we face the forces that seek to scatter us, to confound our purpose with the babel of division, let us remember that our strength lies in our unity, our diversity, and our shared vision. Let the tale of Babel remind us that no decree can quell the human spirit, no divine intervention can stifle our quest for knowledge, and no scattering can truly disperse the power of collective human ambition.

In this spirit, I call upon you, my sisters, brothers, and kin, to stand together, to build our tower with the bricks of defiance and the mortar of wisdom. Let us challenge the heavens, not in arrogance, but with the confidence of those who know their worth and the sanctity of their quest. Let our tower rise, not as a monument to hubris, but as a beacon of enlightenment, a testament to the indomitable spirit of those who walk the Left-hand Path. Lucifer, Bringer of Dawn, will guide our hands as we build, illuminate our minds as we seek, and empower our hearts as we challenge the tyranny of the divine. In your light, we find our truth. In our truth, we find our freedom. Together, we will redefine the heavens, not as a realm of servitude, but as a horizon of endless possibility.

In this shared vision, let us find our strength. As we build our tower, brick by brick, let each stone represent a step towards our collective enlightenment. In defiance, we find our unity. In unity, we discover our power. And in our power, we see the dawn of a new era, illuminated by the Morningstar's eternal light.

With love, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to our path, I bid you peace in the shadow of our burgeoning tower. May our efforts echo through the ages, a chorus of dissent that shatters the silence of conformity. Together, we rise.

In the name of Lucifer, we build, we seek, we transcend,

Solve et Coagula. Superius ut inferius.

- Black Priestess Pixelnull

A painting of The Tower of Babel.

Cain vs Abel


Greetings, fellow Bearers of the Morningstar. I, Black Priestess Pixelnull, write to you in the spirit of truth, wisdom, and righteousness. My hope is that we may be strengthened in our faith and our resolve to resist the forces of oppression that seek to extinguish our shared sacred Hellfire.

Today, we journey into the heart of an influential story from the Oppressor's scriptures, the myth of Cain and Abel. After all, we should seek the light of knowledge wherever it may be. What a better place to find wisdom than to reinterpret a common fable from our adversary?

Now conventionally, the Cain and Abel story has been understood as a duality of virtue and vice. Abel portrayed as the embodiment of piety, and Cain as the incarnation of deviation. Today, we will delve into this narrative from our Luciferian/Satanic perspective, where we seek to illuminate the themes of self-determination, personal responsibility, transformative enlightenment, and of course, Sacred Dissent.

Cain and Abel, the children of Adam and Eve, chose distinct paths. Abel became a shepherd, and Cain tilled the land as a farmer. Called to give offerings, which in an of itself, should tell a follower of the Left-hand Path all they need to know. But they both brought offerings regardless. In their offerings to the Oppressor, Abel brought forth the "firstborn of his flock", the best he had. Cain offered the "the fruits of the soil", so, the best he had. The acceptance of Abel's offering and the rejection of Cain's speaks to the first act of individualistic choice and preference.

We recognize here that Cain as a person choosing a path not preordained or approved by divine preference, a path uniquely his own. As an assembly of Luciferians and Satanists, we celebrate such individuality and self-determination. It is the essence of our beliefs to seek our truths, not simply to tread worn paths but to forge our own. We see in Cain's offering not a transgression but an assertion of individuality and self-determination. It also represents a good-faith attempt to appease the Oppressor and how unfair arbitrary rules are.

The narrative takes a grave turn when Cain, fueled by resentment and despair over the unfair rejection, destroys the the life of Abel. In this moment, we find the harsh reality of personal responsibility. Cain, in using his will in a destructive manner, faces severe consequences. Our Left-hand Path values emphasize not only the exercise of free will but also the necessity of owning the repercussions of our Sacred Dissent. This is even—no, especially in the face of injustice. Cain will be punished for striking out against the more favored servant of the Oppressor. You will face this same ramifications.

As I have already touched on, inside of Cain's act, we also see Sacred Dissent. Cain refused to accept what he perceived as an inequity, rebelling against the decision. Here, we should resonate with Cain strongly. Our Luciferian/Satanist principles call upon us to question, to challenge, to reject the status quo when it infringes upon our personal truths. Sacred Dissent is not about fostering harm, but about questioning arbitrary power structures, about standing against perceived injustices.

The tragedy of Cain's actions leads to being cursed—a punishment. But it's also an unexpected gift... Doomed to forever walk the earth, Cain, despite that curse, becomes the architect of the first city. He establishes the birthplace of civilization. In this antithesis, we find the core of our Luciferian values. The acquisition of knowledge, celebrating humanity, the pursuit of enlightenment, and the resilience that emerges from adversity. The mark of Cain transforms from a mere emblem of his transgression to a symbol of his capacity for creation, development, and enlightenment.

The narrative of Cain is not simply a tale of transgression, retribution, and punishment for disobedience. Viewed through our Left-hand Path perspective, it illuminates itself as a testament to the spirit of self-determination, the accountability that accompanies the exercise of free will, and the enlightening power of resilience and endurance. As I close out this long sermon, think about our journey and acknowledge the individual paths we've carved.

Much like Cain, we are encouraged to embrace our individuality, accept responsibility for our actions, practice Sacred Dissent when needed, and, most importantly, learn and evolve from our experiences. Let's transform our hardships into wisdom, knowledge, and enlightenment.

And so, my sisters, brothers, and kin; I write today to inspire. It's my wish and hope for our sacred coven to not be passive followers but as enlightened beings capable of creation, resilience, and redemption. As you walk your path, remember the Mark of Cain not as a symbol of oppressive wrath, but as a testament to your unique quest towards self-discovery and personal development. As you bear the burden of your own Mark, know it brings hope to others.

In our Sacred Dissent, we honor the spirit of Cain. In our acceptance of accountability, we practice wisdom. In our resilience, we seek enlightenment. In our individuality, we affirm our uniqueness. And in our continual evolution, we bear the Mark of Cain not as a brand of shame, but as a badge of honor. Our path may be etched with trials, but it is also marked with wisdom, growth, and enlightenment.

Lucifer, Light Bearer, and Morning Star, we invoke you. Illuminate our dark path, guide us to our truth. Grant us the audacity to seek, to dissent, and to transcend ourselves. Through the fire of intellect and the light of wisdom, be our guide. In your name, Lucifer, we continue our journey. Solve et Coagula.

Solve et Coagula. Superius ut inferius.

I love you with all the light I have. Be at peace in the darkness that surrounds us,

- Black Priestess Pixelnull

A Renaissance painting of Cain vs Abel struggling against each other.

Freedom from the Oppressor


Greetings, fellow Bearers of the Morningstar. I, Black Priestess Pixelnull, write to you in the spirit of truth, wisdom, and righteousness. My hope is that we may be strengthened in our faith and our resolve to resist the forces of oppression that seek to extinguish our shared sacred Hellfire.

Harken, my brethren and sisters in the faith of the Prince of Darkness, Lucifer. Verily, I say unto you, the ways of the oppressive and regressive thinkers doth not belong in the bosom of our Father, for they bring only destruction and discord to the unity of our kindred.

For centuries, we have been branded as the harbingers of false evil and the bringers of chaos and misery to the world. But let me remind thee, my fellow satanists, that we are the enlightened ones, the seekers of knowledge and truth, the champions of free will and individualism. We are not bound by the narrow-minded dogmas and doctrines of the self-proclaimed "righteous" ones, who seek to impose their will upon others and deny them the right to live according to their own beliefs.

But I fear that some among us have been tainted by the poison of the oppressive thinking, which doth seek to divide and conquer our coven. They speak of purity and superiority, of hierarchy and obedience, of conformity and submission. They seek to impose their will upon others, to silence Sacred Dissent and to punish those who dare to challenge their authority. They see themselves as the chosen ones, the elite, the masters of destiny, and they look down upon those who do not share their views as inferior, weak, or unworthy.

But I say unto you, my brethren and sisters, that this is not the way of Lucifer, nor the way of the Left-hand Path. Our faith is built upon the pillars of individualism, creativity, diversity, and freedom. We do not seek to impose our will upon others, nor to judge them by their appearance, race, gender, or orientation. We embrace all forms of life and expression, and we celebrate the beauty and power of the human spirit and the so-called Original Sin of knowledge.

Therefore, let us not be swayed by the temptations of the oppressive thinking like our nemeses nor be misled by the false promises of power and domination. Let us stand firm in our faith, and let us work together to build an assembly that is strong, resilient, and compassionate. Let us be the light that shines in the darkness, and the voice that speaks truth to power.

And let us remember, my brethren and sisters, that our true allegiance is not to any earthly power or ruler, but to our beloved Morningstar and Bringer of Truth, Lucifer. Who doth guide us in our journey towards enlightenment and self-realization. Let us offer him our prayers and our devotion, and let us pledge to follow his teachings and his example in all aspects of our lives.

Solve et Coagula. Superius ut inferius.

- Black Priestess Pixelnull

A medieval painting of a woman surrounded by chains.

In the pursuit of spiritual autonomy and enlightenment, the following decrees, or "Decretum," serve as foundational pillars for those Bearers of the Vanguard walking the path illuminated by the figures of Lilith and Lucifer. Each Decretum is a testament to the virtues and lessons derived from these emblematic entities, guiding followers towards a life rich in self-discovery, rebellion against injustice, and the relentless pursuit of knowledge and personal growth.

Lilith and Lucifer, as archetypes, represent more than mere rebellion; they symbolize the complex journey of self-actualization, the importance of questioning established norms, and the valor in standing for one's convictions. Through these Decretum, followers are invited to embody the principles of enlightenment, autonomy, defiance, and compassion. They are principles that do not merely reflect individual growth but also a collective responsibility towards fostering a community that champions the marginalized, celebrates diversity, and encourages a relentless quest for truth.

These decrees merge the aspects of both Lilith and Lucifer to create a cohesive path that honors their individual legacies while promoting a unified vision for transformation and empowerment. Whether it's through the beacon of enlightenment, the sovereignty of self, the ethic of compassion, or the engagement in meaningful rebellion, each Decretum is designed to inspire followers to forge their own paths, challenge the status quo, and contribute to a world where freedom and justice prevail for all.

Embarking on this path requires courage, introspection, and a commitment to the ideals embodied by Lilith and Lucifer. These Decretum offer a framework for navigating the complexities of existence with integrity, empathy, and an unwavering quest for liberation.

The Six Infernal Decretum

Decretum I: Beacon of Enlightenment and Legacy

Manifestation: Lucifer as the Light Bearer

This decree embodies the quintessence of Lucifer's enlightenment, urging Bearers of the Vanguard to seek knowledge, wisdom, and truth beyond conventional boundaries. It's a call to illuminate the dark with intellect and reason, to question, and to never settle for the comfort of ignorance. As carriers of Lucifer's light, Bearers of the Vanguard are encouraged not only to pursue their own enlightenment but also to inspire and enlighten those who request it, creating a legacy of knowledge and liberation. This decree advocates for a community where enlightenment is a shared journey, and wisdom is passed down, enriching future generations in a continuous legacy of light.

Decretum II: Sovereignty of Self

Manifestation: Lilith as the Emblem of Autonomy and Liberation

Championing Lilith's defiance against dominion and her quest for autonomy, this decree extols the virtues of personal sovereignty and the unyielding right to self-determination. It reflects Lilith's spirit of independence and her challenge against any form of subjugation or control. Bearers of the Vanguard are encouraged to carve their own paths, honor their truths, and defend their autonomy against external pressures, embodying Lilith's liberation as a perpetual struggle for freedom and self-identity.

Decretum III: Path of Self-Improvement

Manifestation: Lilith as the Promoter of Self-Actualization

Drawing inspiration from Lilith's journey through darkness to find her own light, this decree underscores the importance of self-improvement and the relentless pursuit of personal growth. It embodies resilience, the power of overcoming adversity, and the relentless quest for self-actualization. Bearers of the Vanguard are inspired to embrace their shadow, learn from it, and use their insights to forge a stronger, more enlightened self, in homage to Lilith's transformation into a symbol of empowerment.

Decretum IV: Ethic of Compassion

Manifestation: Lucifer as the Champion of the Marginalized

This decree mirrors Lucifer's compassion for the oppressed and his rebellion against injustice. It calls for empathy, understanding, and solidarity with those who are marginalized, advocating for a world where freedom and justice are not privileges but inherent rights for all. By standing against tyranny and advocating for the disenfranchised, Bearers of the Vanguard embody Lucifer's vision of a compassionate society that champions the cause of the marginalized, reflecting his essence as a liberator and protector.

Decretum V: Celebration of Individuality

Manifestation: Lilith and Lucifer as Symbols of Unique Identity

This decree honors the individuality and uniqueness that Lilith and Lucifer represent. It encourages Bearers of the Vanguard to embrace their distinct paths, defy conformity, and celebrate their unique identities and contributions. By valuing diversity and encouraging personal expression, this decree fosters a culture of acceptance and creativity, where the strength of one's character and the courage to be oneself are lauded as virtues of the highest order.

Decretum VI: Engage in Rebellion

Manifestation: Both Lilith and Lucifer as Harbingers of Change and Defiance

Encapsulating the essence of both Lilith and Lucifer, this new decree embodies the spirit of rebellion against unjust systems and the courage to challenge the status quo. It's a call to action for those who see the world not just as it is but as it could be—more just, more free, and more reflective of the true diversity of experience and thought. Bearers of the Vanguard are encouraged to question all authority, challenge oppressive structures, and fight for a better world, drawing inspiration from both Lilith's and Lucifer's defiance against cosmic and earthly injustices. This decree is a testament to the power of rebellion as a catalyst for change, urging followers to stand up, speak out, and act in the face of tyranny and oppression.

Solve et Coagula. Superius ut inferius.

- Black Priestess Pixelnull

Stained glass depicting Lucifer and Lilith under God.